Hall O’ Th’ Hey Farm, Cheshire

Project  Expansion & alterations to an existing historic farmhouse to provide improved living accommodation.

Planning  A locally listed building on a prominent site , in North Cheshire Green Belt requiring the sensitive  integration with  a much expanded and altered existing farm complex.

Appointment  FOB appointed from inception through to Completion

Construction    Traditional masonry and oak framed construction with natural slate  timber roof.

Consultants    NSS Structural engineers

Size  150m2 of new-build and refurbishment

Special points  Integration with existing character & form

Value   approx. £100k

Status      Completed April 2012


‘’We started working with FOB  to discuss gaining planning permission for a conservatory to the side of the farmhouse.

FOB developed our ideas and also put forward alternative options  that could radically  transform the dwelling  and gardens within the same budget. FOB’s approach, using models and 3D view s, allowed us to see what we were getting and make decisions.

Most of the work was self-build as so FOB detailed the works so that it could be easily constructed in packages. The main building work has recently completed and  has completely changed the way we live and use the farmhouse.

We would have no hesitation in recommending FOB.’’

Richard Ravenscroft April 2012

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