FOB Work

FOB Work understand the complex inter-relationship between, processes, operational requirements and design parameters. Our intent is to provide logical, practical & financially viable solutions which hold embedded value because of their quality and efficiency. 

The FOB Work Team have worked with many of the major commercial & industrial developers. We have  designed and delivered a wide range of Speculative and bespoke Industrial, processing, distribution and Logistics facilities  providing cost effective solutions in practical, efficient, attractive well planned environments……

Making more for less.

We have experience in the integration of complex processes with highly services spaces from Carbon Fibre weaving, Wine Bottling Plants, Waste to Energy Complexes, Pharmaceutical Units, Paper Mills and Printing Facilities.

FOB have also designed a wide range of commercial office spaces including national and regional headquarters, high security facilities, speculative office parks, health centres and hybrid units in  new or existing buildings for private and public clients.

We are able to offer a bespoke service with a cohesive design approach ranging from initial site feasibility studies to the full design and delivery of individual facilities, either working directly for the client, procurement partner or contractor.

Our team is currently working on a number of commercial new build and refurbishment projects of various sizes including paper mills, re-cycling facilities, bespoke offices, R&D facilities and courier headquarters.

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