Values & Vision

Achieving more with less…..

The team have successfully working across many sectors of design and have experienced the ups and downs of the economy. FOB recognise the challenges but our focus is on developing the practice of the future, ready to meet the demands for the next generation of buildings that will be required for a very different world.

So….in the future, cost, carbon & waste reduction, certainty and value-for-money will be key.

  • The post recession will result in a re-evaluation of accepted processes, standards and customs resulting in a fresh approach and direction in creating building assets.
  • The current financial constraints combined with increasing energy costs will lead to radical new solutions; this marks a fantastic opportunity for us all.
  • The future will be about providing an integrated, comprehensive, efficient and cost effective, service with client and practice working collaboratively to transcend the boundaries between various disciplines. 
  • Design companies will require to be lean & mean, not in business to fund the over-inflated life-style of fat-cat owners, their extended families, off-shore investments, remote shareholders or creditors.
  • The practice of the future will be about experienced, innovative teams uniting talents and getting it right first time, not by gaining experience through errors or mistakes at the clients expense.

FOB is in business to provide a hands-on, great value services that is second to none, that will exceed your ambitions in terms of quality, integrity and value for money.

Please get in touch to learn more about how FOB can make a difference to you or your business.

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