The construction of new premises nearly always needs an application for planning permission. However minor extensions to industrial buildings and warehouses, including putting up additional buildings within the curtilage, may not require planning permission.


The Local development plan for your area will give you some indication of whether your proposal is likely to be acceptable, so it is worth talking to your local planning authority first  before embarking on a submitting an application.

Planning permission will not normally be required if your extension is:

  • Less than 1,000 square metres of floor space, and
  • Less than 25 per cent of the volume of the original building, and
  • Below the height of the original building

If you are extending or altering a listed building or a building in a conservation area, you may require planning permission as well as listed building and conservation area consent before you proceed with any works.

Building Regulations

The building regulations will generally apply to all work (new buildings, extensions and alterations). You may wish to contact your local Building Control body for further advice.

The opportunities to meet the demands of your business space requirements by expanding and modifying your existing premises may be able to be quickly realised without the need for lengthy delays in achieving Planning approval.

FOB Work can help you in developing your proposals and advise on approvals and options for procuring your building work