FOB Live report that against market predictions, it has been actively involved in a wide range of opportunities in the residential sector in the past 12 months including new dwellings, secure facilities, Hotels, lodge developments and major refurbishment/re-modelling projects.

Live Director David Phillips reports ”Whilst the majority of the larger scale residential developments  by the ”majors” have been put on hold or abandoned, there has been a continuing and growing demand in the residential sector at all levels but  particularly with work on the larger scale properties or in exploiting the potential of existing sites with the introduction of new dwellings. 

FOB Live have been actively engaged, working directly for clients or as part of a design and build team. The projects range from new build dwellings, major extensions and modifications, refurbishment, and multi-occupancy projects ranging in value from £50,000 to £3 million

FOB Live have  also been successful in securing significant residential projects for 2013 generally on the back of the success and by recommendations on their active or completed commissions …..and also in the leisure, secure facilities, holiday, hotel and student housing markets that still has significant growth potential”

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